Crazy Weirdo Motorbike Riders and my first Vietnamese meal!!!

I woke up at about ten O clock Adelaide time on monday morning and at about 10:15 we went to breakfast (there is a Buffet Breakfast restaurant in our hotel) For breakfast I had Dried Apple,Pineapple,Dragonfruit,Watermelon,Mango, Lots of Bacon(nom nom nom),Fried rice,2 Dim sums and 2 bread rolls.Breakfast was very good.

After breakfast I got my money changed to the local currency,Dong.(I had 50 US dollars and that got me 1,040,000 Dong!!! (the exchange rate is 1 Aussie dollar for 20,000 Dong)  then we went on a 2 and a half hour walk and I got about 7 blisters on my feet (not fun) because Mum made me wear my new shoes.It is crazy here as almost EVERYONE has a Motorbike and they do not follow the road rules (about half of them dont wear helmets and they go through red lights)I got these pictures of the masses of them.

I also got this picture of a guy carrying boxes on his bike (I have seen people carrying their babies and little kids on bikes!!!)

We went to a market and Tessa got a purse and I looked at some things but didn’t buy anything.Then we looked around for some nappies for Sophia and by the best luck possible a man that lives in Hanoi but used to live in Adelaide (what a cooincedence here,Halfway around the world) told us that Hanoi Towers is where we could get some nappies and so we went there and went to a citimart (Vietnamese version of a 7-11 or an IGA)and got nappies,some food and some bandaids.

Then we came back to the hotel and we (Tessa,Dad,Sophia and I) had a swim in the pool and then we came back to cour room for a rest.At about 4:30 we went for a walk and we went to a sopposed “Market” but it was a fail as there was only about 5 stalls with way overpriced stuff.Who ever heard of a Mars Bar for 100,000 Dong (5 aussie dollars)?

We walked around for a bit more and then we had dinner at a small restrant where heaps of Vietnamese people were eating because mum says that they are the best.

We all had a Beef and noodle broth that looked like this.

It was really good!

After dinner we tried to walk back to our hotel but Dad got us lost (he forgot one of the turns on the map) and it took us AGES to get back but eventually we did. I was really tired though because it was about 9:30 here so about midnight at home!

overall on monday we did a grand total of 5 hours walking! (my feet didn’t really like it!)

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6 Responses to Crazy Weirdo Motorbike Riders and my first Vietnamese meal!!!

  1. aunty carly says:

    Hope your feet feel better soon,

    Ella and eth think the motorbike riding without helmets sounds a bit dangerous.

  2. Nanny says:

    Love your photos! And your descriptions, looking forward to your thoughts on Halong Bay x

  3. Nan and Pop says:

    Another great blog Danté we are so enjoying hearing about your adventures, but not the blisters.
    Did you take the photo’s with your camera, they are very very good.
    Keep on enjoying love your lots Nan and Pop

  4. Scratch says:

    Good one, bloke! What I want to know though, is what does 20,000 Dong buy you over there?? Let me know, K? xx

    Aunty Scratch

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