Our first two days in Hoi an

FRIDAY morning I woke up and we went to breakfast,After breakfast we rested then went to the tailor we are going to get our dressing gowns from,Yali.we got to pick our fabric and our pattern/color I chose one in teal,black and white (Go Port!) then we got mesured and they took our photo (I’m not really sure why).

After Yali we went and Dad and Tessa got some shoes.then we walked around a bit and Mum had lunch,she had a roll with stuff in it.Dad,Tessa and I had already had lunch so we were not very hungry so we didn’t have a roll.When we got back to Ancient House Mum stayed in the room with Sophia who is a bit sick and Tessa,Dad and I went to the pool,We had some Vietnamese spring rolls and swum(duh) while we were there.We went to the room after a bit and rested and then we went walking,We got a taxi to the old town and had dinner there,We had cau lau and fried wantons (both vietnamese specilties) we also got a bowl of fries for sophia.We went shopping for a little bit and tessa bought a hand bag and then we went back to our hotel and then we went to sleep.

SATURDAY morning we went to breakfast early as our guide was getting to our hotel at 7 ‘O’ clock for our tour.As planed our guide got there and we got in the bus and after about 1 and a half hours we got to Myson (pronounced misun) and we walked around,the guide told us that in about the second century the vietnamese people started to build the temples and buildings for their gods.In about the late thirteenth/early fourteenth century they finished and left and everyone forgot about them until about 1900 (i think) when a french man found the temples that had been forgotten for at least 350 years and started to restore them but then in 1955 when the Vietnam war (here they call it the American war) started the temples were bombed a lot and 70 percent of it was ruined,when the war ended they started to restore it again and they are still doing that.

Anyway we walked around and some of the buildings were in basicly the same position as they had been built and the stuff inside was the same and some of them were like museums,but all of them were all mossy and sort of falling apart on the outside.we went into a clearing that had nothing in it but there were these plants that looked like ferns but when you touched them they closed up,they were really cool.after that we saw some traditinal music and dances performed.

After mysun we went back to our hotel and then rested for a bit and then went out,we went to near where Yaly is and then found lunch,we all had a roll with stuff in it all of us had 3 meats and (way to many) vegetables but Mum and Dad had chilli but neither Tessa or myself had any chilli.

After lunch we walked through the markets a bit and then we went back to Yaly and tried our clothes on,my dressing gown was good but the arms were too long so I got them shortened.

after we went out we got a taxi to the old town and had dinner,we shared spring rolls and some stuff I cannot remember.

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10 Responses to Our first two days in Hoi an

  1. Nan and Pop says:

    Good morning Danté you will be pleased to know that you are still 4th overall in the footie picking, have you had to edit any of your picks while you have been away? Its pouring with rain here we had over an inch until 9am this morning and its still raining. Pop and David (next door) have put up a shed in our yard for all the gardening gear it look good just have to put on the door now.
    Love you and miss you very much xxx

  2. Parzi says:

    Thanks, Dante. That was really interesting. I love you.

  3. Nanny says:

    Good morning. It is cold here 14 degrees. It was 10 degrees on Monday when I was driving to work! Love your description of My Son, we didn’t go there. I am looking forward to reading about your thoughts on the floating market when you go :). Who did you pick in today’s match? I picked Collingwood. Pa picked Essendon. Say hi to Tessa from us both. Have fun love you.

  4. aunty carly says:

    Dante, we need more updates please? I come here every day to check if you have blogged, and I love reading what you are up to.

  5. Parzi says:

    You make me laugh so much with your quirky insights, Dante. I love your blog.

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