Our last 2 days in Hoi An

SUNDAY morning we had breakfast and then we went to the shoe shop so Mum,Tessa and Dad could try their shoes on.Then we walked to the river and we saw a guy that had a ice block machine and he had to put a stick into the little chute thing and then when he pulled the stick out it had a ice block on it.Dad and I had a lemon flavour one and Mum and Tessa had strawberry.After our ice blocks we did a walking tour of Hoi An,The first place we went is the Japanese covered bridge,it was really cool and had pictures of dragons and other stuff like that painted on the inside.

The next place we went was the museum of ceramic trade and it was pretty boring as all they had we broken old plates and stuff but there was an interesting world map with the places that they traded to and from,it also had the vietnamese for each country,Aussie was oxtralia.

after the museum we went to a cafe for a drink and I had a mango smoothie which was good.We went to a Fijian-Chinese-Vietnamese Assembly hall,there were a lot of statues and things like that.

Then we went to a Chinese temple that was basicly the same as the other one.After that we went to a handicraft workshop and I bought a dragon statue thing,I would have a picture but it is all wrapped up and I dont want to break it so when I get back to Adelaide I will do a post on what I bought.

We had lunch at a place called morning glory and I had a Hoi an sandwich,it was basicly the same as the roll I wrote about in the other post but it had meatballs in it.After lunch we went to a shop called Reaching Out.At Reaching Out they only employ dis-abled people so that they can have a job and get money.I bought a bookmark that had the symbol for Happiness on it.

The last place we went was a tan chi house which was a old fashioned Vietnamese house that had been lived in by 9 generations of a family,we got told some info about the house and then we got told what our budist signs were,I can not remember what Tessa’s was or what it ment and I also can not remember Mum’s but it ment Good Heart,Dad’s birth year (1982) was the year of the Dog and that ment Loyal,Sophia’s was Rabbit which ment Innocent(none of us thought that it was right) and mine (2001) was the year of the snake which ment that I was Inteligent and Cunning.

We had a rest after the walking tour and then went to the old town for dinner,We had some Vietnamese spring rolls and some other Vietnamese things.

MONDAY morning we had breakfast and then went to Yaly for our final fitting of our clothes my dressing gowns sleves were shorter so I was happy.

Yaly took about 1 hour and then we went to the old town for some shopping,we had lunch and came back to our hotel,we rested for a bit and then went in the pool.For dinner we went to Morning Glory again and then we went walking for a bit and went on a cyclo which is where there is a seat and ou sit on it and then a guy rides the bike behind you,we went for 30 mins but the seat was pretty hard and by the end I had pins and needles in my bum.

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  1. Nanny says:

    I have missed your blogs. Glad you are back blogging 🙂

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