Thursday and Friday in Ho chi minh

THURSDAY  morning we went to breakfast and at 8 O clock we got picked up by Ian,We got in the minivan and drove to the Chu Chi tunnels,They are a whole lot of tunnels that the Communists used in the Vietnam War.The Americans acually had a camp on top of a tunnel and they would constantly get shot at in the middle of the night and they didn’t know where the bullets were coming from but they eventually worked it out and bombed the tunnels.We watched a movie about it and then we walked around,we were allowed to go in some of the tunnels (they had been widened for Tourists) here are some pictures.

After the tunnels we went and looked at some traps that looked pretty deadly and then we walked for a bit more.We got back into the van and drove to the hotel.We were all hot and sweaty so we went to the pool and had lunch there and then swam,It started raining so Mum went back to the room with Sophia and Dad,Tessa and I kept swimming.It was fun in the rain.We had a rest after and then went to a massive shopping centre and had dinner at a japanese place called MOF (ministry of food) then we went outside and it was pouring so we went to an Arcade in the shopping centre and spent a few hours there,at the end when dad worked outhow much he had spent it turned out we had only spent $20 on tokens!(they only cost 20 cents each)

FRIDAY morning we woke up and went to breakfast,at 8:00 Ian picked us up and we went on our city tour,we thought it was an 8 hour walking tour but it ended up being a 4 hour driving tour so that was good.First we went to a big christian (catholic) church called Notre Dame

and then we went to the massive post office.

After the post office we went to Reunification Palace where the Vietnam war ended.

Then we went to a market called China Town which was crazy as people were pulling on our arms and going “You buy something”,”Hey Boy,Buy Something” and “Buy something now” in the market I bought an Angry Birds T-Shirt.

The last place we went was a Chinese temple.

After our tour we walked to the shopping centre and on the way we got a roll like we had in Han Oi except it had a special pate on it.When we were in the shopping centre I bought a big red Angry Bird so of corse I called it Blue.We shopped for a bit more and then went back to our hotel and rested.

At about 5 O clock we went to the Rex Hotel and had a drink there,I had a chocolate milkshake.We walked for a pretty long time and then had dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant that looked good but was really bad.We got chicken and prawns and beef that took ages to come out and tasted horrible and I couldn’t eat it.

We got some drinks and cake from HighLands Coffe because all of us were hungry.

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3 Responses to Thursday and Friday in Ho chi minh

  1. Vonnie Rowe says:

    Hello Dante, your photos are fantastic. I remember taking some of your Uncle Tom, probably in the same one as you! We went underground through one of the tunnels it was a bit squishy and scarey, did you also do this? What wonderful adventures you have had, thanks for the blog 🙂

  2. Nanny says:

    Good job you have been doing so much walking with all the food you have had!!

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