We go flying again!

TUESDAY morning we had breakfast and then packed our stuff,Mum and Tessa rested and Dad and I went down near the pool where we had seen a chess board and we played,We played 5 games,Dad won 3 and I won 2 after that we went to the front of our hotel and our minivan got there and we drove to the Airport.At the Airport we had lunch at Burger King,I had a Cheese Burger.We got on the plane (we flew Vietnam Airlines again) and started our flight,I read Eragon the whole time.When we got to Ho chi minh City Airport we got our bags and then met our guide,Ian.It was poring the whole time we drove to our hotel.When we got to the hotel,Caravelle,We went to our room and put our stuff away then we went for a walk around the local area.For dinner we went to a restaurant called Lemon Grass.I had a Braised Pork Clay Pot and it was really good.

WEDNESDAY morning we had breakfast in the Buffet in our hotel (it is the best by far) and then we got picked up by Ian and we went to the River,we got on a boat and went to a building where they make Coconut candy and rice paper.To make the coconut candy the dry coconut and then take the flesh out,they heat it up and mix it and then they cool it down and cut it into little bits and then wrap it in rice paper and paper.You eat the rice paper but not the real paper.We went to a place where they make bricks and on the way we saw a floating market that was exacly the same as a normal market exept it was in the middle of a river.we went to another building and saw some fish,my favorite was the elephant ear fish because when you put you finger on the glass of the tank it would try to eat your finger but was stopped by the glass,it was really funny.We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch which was very good and then we went back to the hotel and had a look at the pool that is massive but we didn’t go in as it was in the middle of a storm.For dinner we went to Pho 24 which is like Mcdonald’s or Hungry Jacks but with Pho.

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5 Responses to We go flying again!

  1. Nanny says:

    What has been your favorite and least favorite thing about Vietnam? What food did you like the most? The sun is shining here at last! We are off to the zoo when we have eaten lunch with E & E. hope you enjoy your last day in Vietnam x

    • my favorite thing about Vietnam has probably been how cheap we can buy everything (almost every dinner is under $12)but my least favorite thing has been how loud and how much traffic there is.I am pretty sad today because at 1 O clock we are going to the airport back to aussie but we still get to have another 4 and a half days of holiday!

  2. Nan and Pop says:

    We have missed your blogs its good to have one today, our favorite photo’s are of you all in the tunnels they are excellent. Pop will be glad to have you home Danté he needs you to help him with something on the computer 🙂 Two more sleeps and you will be back in Australia and then home three sleeps after that. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in Vietnam.
    Love and hugs from us both to you all.

  3. Vonnie Rowe says:

    Hi Dante, I really enjoy reading your blog, it brings back wonderful memories for Uncle Tom and I of our trip to Vietnam. We are pleased you have had such a wonderful time, love you xoxo

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