Our Last Full Day In Vietnam )-:

On SATURDAY morning we woke up and had our second to last breakfast in our hotel and then we went to some markets called the ben tahn market (you say it ben ten!) I didn’t get anything because I have hardly any money left.After the market we went to a shopping centre and got some food and then went back to our hotel and had our last swim in the Pool.


After the pool we rested and waited for Mum to get back from her walk, when she did,we we to a hotel called the Continental and went to their bar,Starry night I had a mango smoothie.For dinner we went to a restaurant called Con Tam Moc.I had a trio of pork,there was pork pie (more like pork slice),BBQ pork rib and pork skin.I liked the BBQ pork rib best.For dessert we had a ball with a sweet filling and sesame seeds on the outside,we also had a Sesame seed soup that had no taste at all.

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2 Responses to Our Last Full Day In Vietnam )-:

  1. Vonnie Rowe says:

    Hey Dante, I hope you had enough money left to get my present!! haa haa only joking love you, Auntie xo

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