Goodbye Vietnam!

First we had breakfast in our hotel and then we went walking to a shop called Vietname quilts,Mum was going to get a small blanket for the couch but didn’t get one.Mum and Tessa wanted to look at some shops so they looked at them while Dad and I did some packing.When Mum and Tessa got back we finished doing the packing and at 1:30 our taxi driver picked us up.

When we got to the airport we got checked in and then waited,at about 4’O’clock we got on our fight to singapore,we flew with Vietnam Airlines.I read my book and played Line Rider on the I-Pad for the whole flight.

At Singapore Airport we went to Terminal 1 checked our bags through and then went through sucurity after that we got on our plane and flew.We went with Jet Star and we got 2 i pads with some movies, TV shows and games on them,I played some of the games and watched a few episodes of Modern Family.

When we got to Darwin airport we went through customs and then at about 5:00 we got picked up by Kate (we are staying at Kate and Tom’s house while in darwin(they are some of Mum and Dad’s friends)) when we got to their house we went into the little granny flat that they have at the back and then went to sleep.

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