Things that we did in Darwin

At about 8:30 (Darwin time-same as Adelaide time) I woke up and everyone was awake,I got dressed and then went inside.I had Toast and Honey for breakfast and  then went for a swim in their pool.For the rest of the day I just rested and swam.For dinner we had Spag Bol

The next day I woke up at about 7:30 and then had breakfast,I had butter on toast.We went into darwin and then went to a place called Crocydlus cove.There were a lot of crocodiles there.It was cool because we got to feed the baby crocodiles.We also got to hold a baby crocodile.We went in the snakes area and I got to hold a snake.

After that Kate,Hugo and Olive (Hugo and Olive are two of Kate’s kids the other one is called Ella.olive is 14 months,Hugo is 3 years old and Ella is 5 or 6)went home and Dad,Mum,Tessa and I went for a walk.We went back to Kate and Tom’s house and I went swimming.For dinner we had a BBQ.

the next morning I had toast again and then went in the pool,after the pool I read a book and then we had lunch,for lunch we had Chicken,Lettuce,Mayo rolls (nom nom nom)

I don’t think we did anything between lunch and about 5 but at 5 we went to a Fish’N’chip shop for dinner.We got our food and then we went to a MASSIVE park.We had dinner and then Dad,Tom,Hugo and I kicked a footy around.We also walked down to the beach and looked around.


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One Response to Things that we did in Darwin

  1. Nanny says:

    Glad you are finishing your blog 🙂 looking forward to your pics. Hope school was good x

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