Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast.After breakfast I had my last swim in the pool and then packed my stuff up.I read my book until we had to go.It took about half an hour to get to the airport and then we said our final goodbyes.

In the Airport we checked in our bags and then walked around for a bit.after that Tessa and I went to a gift shop to spend the last of our money.I got a pen,Digeridoo keyring for my school bag and a soft kangaroo.

We had lunch at a cafe and then got on the plane.I watched 1 episode of MythBusters on the flight TV and then read.When we got back to Adelaide we went up the ramp thing and then Grandpazi picked us up.We got our bags and then we left the airport.

Thank you to everyone who had read this and make sure that you always remember that Bacon tastes good! (Nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom,nom)

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  1. Nanny says:

    I loved reading about your holiday, thanks for sharing. We think of you now when bacon is mentioned!! Nom nom nom indeed! Love you x

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