Lots of flying and a nineteen and a half hour day!!!

At 5:00 on sunday morning my alarm went off and I got out of bed,I had a shower and then I got dressed.At about 5:45 uncle Ash got to our house and we loaded our bags into the car.We left for the airport at about 6:00.When we got to the airport we went through the metal detectors (the line was huge I am not really sure why it was because it was 6:20 on a sunday morning!) and then we had breakfast I had a Bacon + Egg muffin.I got a crossword book at the news agents so I would not be bored on the flight (turns out I didn’t need it anyway) and then Dad had to fill out some forms to say that we were fling legally and stuff like that.We just sat in the bay or what ever it is called and I took this photo of our plane.

We went through Coustums and then we got on our flight at about nine’O’clock and we got to bipass the MASSIVE line because  we had a small child or infant (Sophia) so that was good.The plane was very cool as it’s layout was the window then 2 seats and then a small isle and then 4 more seats and then another small isle and then another 2 seats and then the window and also there was a TV on the back of each seat so that you could watch TV shows,Movies and you were soppoused to be able to play games but they didn’t work (they looked lame anyway) for the whole seven and a half hour flight I watched TV and slept.I watched all 7 episodes of Modern Family,Cars 2 and Home alone 2,They were good.

At about 5 o clock Adelaide time (note I will do all time in adelaide time unless I say otherwise and FYI the time difference is 2 and a half hours) we landed in Kuala Lumpar Airport in Maylasia we had too go through coustoms there as well!.It was a pretty big airport and this is a picture of the side wall thing.

We had to get checked in to our flight to vietnam and then we went to Starbucks and we all got a drink (exluding Sophia,she had some of Mums) I had a cookie and cream Frapachino.For dinner we had Sushi Train and then at about nine o clock  we got on our almost three hour flight that ended up only being two hours and fifteen minutes.Once we got to Hanoi city airport We had to got through Coustoms AGAIN!!!!!!! (you are probably getting da ja vu now) We had to wait in a massive line (Again you are probably now getting da ja vu) and then got our bags from the carosel (that took ages as well) and then we went to our guide and went on the 1 hour car drive to our hotel.Our hotel is called Sofitel Metropole Hanoi.We got to our hotel and then we went to our room and then we went to bed.When we went to bed it was about 12:30 Adelaide time and so we had a nineteen hour day!!! I am going to bed now because it is 11:15 in Adelaide!

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Hello Peoples

I would just like to say that my blog is up and i am going to vietnam in SIX!!! days!

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